Alfredo The Black Oni talks about unlocking the Super Soul & the Dark Feminine Awakening represented as the Black Panther Bast. This tribe of people who experience this awakening are called the Noble Souls Tribe, the Black (Y)Oni Tribe, The Royal Panthera Tribe of Noble Souls, and so forth. There are many names for this tribe of people.

Wakanda represents a glimpse into what a society that is Dark Feminine Awakened can achieve and Alfredo the Black Oni has determined that the Black Panther series is based on the same awakening he experienced when he discovered the existence of the Dark Feminine Mind of Limitless Knowledge and Intuition.

Alfredo shares in this video the foundation for this teaching which will bring forth the Noble Souls tribe but before that can happen sleeping Noble Souls must be reminded of their true nature and how to properly use the two minds working inside all of us. These two minds are called the Light Masculine Mind (LMM) and the Dark Feminine Mind (DFM).

The Light Masculine Mind of Intellect (LMMI)
The Dark Feminine Mind of Intuition (DFMI)

The Dark Feminine Mind is the Mind of limitless knowledge while the Light Masculine mind is the mind of understanding.

Unlocking the Super Soul requires the Dark Feminine Mind to be activated to lead, guide, and teach the Light Masculine Mind.

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I am The Champion and Prophet of the Sacred Dark Feminine Waters.

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