Give to Our Travel Fund


Your gift will go to spreading BaastBook’s reach and message across the globe as we travel to establish ourselves in different parts of the world.

The base gift is $5 but if you want to give more just increase the quantity. For instance, if you want to give $25.00 you can select 5 units of $5 which is 5 x $5 = $25.00. If you have any questions, please feel free to message us.

Here are some examples.

If you want to give $10.00

2 x $5.00 = $10.00

Select Quantity 2 then add to cart. You can use the plus sign or just type in the quantity you want.

If you want to give $100 you would select quantity 20 and then add it to the cart.

20 x $5.00 = $100.00

Thank you

Give to BaastBook’s Travel Fund.

You have an opportunity to give to our Travel Fund, its mission, and its cause.

If you’re interested in giving to our Travel Fund so that we can travel the different places over the world and spread the message of the Dark Feminine Awakening across the globe, please give us a gift. We plan to create branches of our community and movement in Africa, India, Central America, and South America.

Please note that any “donation” is technically considered to be a gift since BaastBook is not a non-profit organization. Gifts may or may not be tax deductible depending on federal, state, and local laws. More than likely, they cannot be taken off on taxes.

All gifts will go to spreading BaastBook’s message and reach across the world.