Welcome, Noble Souls. I want to share with you something very important that you won’t find anywhere else.

I will share with you some information that has been long forgotten. A knowledge that I came into around 2015 maybe a little later. An ancient power inside of all of us that has been lost over the ages. It’s called the Dark Feminine Mind and I was able to ascertain its presence and learn that this mind is the mind of LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE. It is an all-knowing and all-powerful mind. This mind has limitless potential.

I have some videos to help you understand some of the concepts. It is through this mind that we ( a small number of us ) will return to our true origins and bring forth an ancient tribe of people who operated in dark feminine chi (energy).

Dark Feminine Energy contrary to what you find on the web is not the mind of evil or hatred. I have videos and posts on other platforms explaining why that information is false but let me tell you this much. This mind is the mind of purity and innocence and also contains limitless knowledge inside of it. It is this mind that brings forth NOBILITY and it is NOBILITY that brings forth ROYALTY.

I came to know and understand that black is the symbol of ROYALTY and NOBILITY and there are tons of information in ancient literature that backs this up.

The dark (black) feminine mind is the mind of Royalty and Nobility and it is why I refer to people who operate in this mind as NOBLE SOULS. I also call them ROYAL PANTHERA or to sound more complete, THE BLACK ROYAL NOBLE PANTHERA TRIBE.

The movie Black Panther is actually a glimpse into what a society that is dark-feminine awakened would look like and be capable of. The heart-shaped herb of the movie Black Panther and Black Panther Wakanda Forever are actually representations of dark feminine energy that is stored in the heart and gives access to vast amounts of inner knowledge (wisdom) through the mind of intuition. This is what I refer to as heart power. It not only has access to vast amounts of knowledge but can do the supernatural because dark energy is not bound by the laws of our universe (yoniverse).


Royal Panthera Dark Feminine Essence Noble Soul Energy Collage 01

BaastBook Presents Dark Feminine Energy (Inner Chi) Noble Souls Royal Black Panthera Baast Tribe

BaastBook Presents Dark Feminine Energy (Inner Chi) Noble Souls Royal Black Panthera Baast Tribe
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