This power inside your WOMB (YONI) MIND means that every woman already has the potential to be a MASTER PHYSICIAN because all the knowledge of human design rests inside of the female WOMB / UTERUS / MATRIX. You access this knowledge through FEELING / SENSING because it is an INTUITIVE POWER, not a LEARNED skill or ability.

Your womb is a SUPER COMPUTER and you don’t even know it. It has a vast knowledge and understanding of the human body and its design built inside of it. No man can match this inner knowledge unless he has learned how to become one with DARK FEMININE INTUITION also.

It is possible for a man to access DARK FEMININE INTUITION. I call this a BLACK ONI. A woman awakened to the DARK FEMININE is called a BLACK YONI. Together the Black Oni and Yoni form the Black (Y)Oni. The Black (Y)Oni represent humans who have the ability to pull knowledge directly from the YONIVERSE (universe) itself. This is what makes you NOBLE (full of knowledge) SOULS. This power comes from LOVE itself which is an ALL-KNOWING POWER.

How did you come up with terminology written as (Y)Oni Alfred? A dream and intuition told me to write the words ONI and YONI combined as (Y)Oni. This represents the DARK FEMININE and LIGHT MASCULINE operating as ONE SUPER SOUL.


I am Your Prophet and Champion, the Black Oni.

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Read the post with the Theme Music to gain deeper emotional insight into the truth.

Beautiful Emotional Orchestral Music – The Sorrow Of The Two Maidens

Beautiful Emotional Orchestral Music - The Sorrow Of The Two Maidens

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