The Dark Mind has to teach the Light Mind. The Light Mind is forever a student (pupil) of the Infinite Dark Mind.

Black is the color of Nobility, Royalty, Purity, Innocence, Infinite Newness, Eternal Youth, and Limitless Potential. It is the Dark Feminine Mind that can create ANY THING out of NO THING. It is the KHEM / KEM / KAM (Darkness / Blackness) that is beyond all comprehension and understanding. It is Quintessence meaning the HIGHEST QUALITY.

It is the Dark Feminine that creates NOBLE SOULS.

Soul = Light Mind.

Black = INTUITION (Living things that know what love is…)


NOBLE (Black) Souls (Light)

The Dark Mind makes a Soul into a NOBLE SOUL. The word Noble means to be full of knowledge. The Mind of Infinite Knowledge is the Dark Feminine Mind. You cannot become a NOBLE SOUL without it.

This is MY TRIBE.

People who try to be Noble without the Dark Feminine Mind become RED ONI fallen souls. Fallen souls think they are wise without the dark feminine mind. They lose who they are because the light mind is not the mind of knowledge, it’s the mind of understanding. But you can’t truly have understanding (light) without first having knowledge (darkness)…

The Age of Worshiping Spirits (light beings) has come to an end. Now is the Time to worship Infinite Love (Dark Feminine Mind)…

Courses and Ebooks are currently in development and soon to come.

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